DJ Ton van Wenum

The DJ for your wedding

A wedding is an important day in the life of a couple and of course also a happy event for family and friends. There is a lot to arrange and organize and of course you want nothing to go wrong. We would like to arrange the musical part and the light show for you on this day. For many years I have worked at weddings one thing is certain, no two weddings are the same! Taking care of everything down to the last detail is crucial to guarantee a great experience. As you can see at the bottom of the site I also offer guarantees and certainties. No matter which show you choose. You always get professional equipment. The extensive experience as an all-round DJ guarantees good interpretation of the musical taste of
the couple for a sparkling party. Therefore, we have a personal conversation at home or on location with the couple to discuss everything. Then all you have to do is fill in the form for the finishing
touch. This guarantees that everything goes exactly according to your wishes. Your wedding should be a great and unforgettable party, an exuberant atmosphere, appropriate music and of course a lot
of dancing and laughing. I would like to contribute to that! The eye wants something too and that's why a very nice show has been developed. Entirely in the atmosphere of the wedding, the speakers and the DJ Booth are completely in white. For every show I use professional LED lighting and moving spots, resulting in a great effect. The LED light show is part of my standard package and can be expanded in steps. If you want to go full on, an optional LED light
floor is possible. I am already looking forward to our meeting and discussing the specific plans and wishes for your wedding!

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